What Inspired us to create Solace

It is natural that those who embrace and express their dark side desire to congregate, as much as any other group with a common interest.  So we, and perhaps you, have ventured into concerts, clubs, and other events in search of the comfort that company brings.  After a time, being surrounded by familiar faces gave us a feeling of communtiy.  But making closer connections with people was still daunting.  One common interest among macabre individuals is that of aesthetics, yet there are few places to meet that are truly elegant (given that many of us are starving students or starving artists, season tickets to the opera are right out).  We turn to another significant common interest, music, but find that at a concert or club, the music is so loud it dismembers conversation.  It has been hard to find a place to be truly comfortable.

We look, then, at social precedents.  What sort of gatherings made people the most comfortable in previous generations, previous centuries?  Until relatively recently, humans gathered in small groups and had conversations over a cup of tea or wine.  Hundreds of people jumping up and down together at a rave?  Does that really count toward socializing?  When did people start gathering in crowds just to ignore each other?  We would like to return to a time when an evening's gathering was more welcoming and relaxed.  Like it would be if you had some friends join you for an evening at home, with the lovely difference that if you come to our place, you do not need to clean your house nor worry about the contents of your refrigerator.

We also very much wanted a pleasing aesthetic.  We admit to tiring of going to the same South-of-Market venues over and over, places that are run down and dirty, that assault our senses with tiki masks and strobe lights.  How delicious, then, in comparison, is it to be able to have a place with real chandeliers, velvet curtains, ornately carved furniture, lace... every thing we can to make your eyes happy, and your evening better.  To keep ears happy, we have vowed to keep our music quiet enough that you may talk freely over it.  The music we play spans hundreds of years and many genres, but it shall haunt you gently and never turn caustic.  To you for whom gothic gatherings are a distant memory, you who gave up after too much harsh music or too many unfriendly faces-- we offer you a safe refuge.  It is time to emerge once again to connect with kindred spirits; time to seek Solace.

fashion plate
salon pic black and white

18th century tapestry

private concert rococco style